• MUSUBIKAN - reinforce Your body and mind

Aikido training for grown-ups (Keiko)

Aikido, the martial art of peace: connect body and mind in the present moment, self defense, presence, centering, posture, self development ...  read more

Aikido practice for kids (Aikido for aikikids)

Aikido strengthens the body from inside, promotes an upright posture and flexibility, inner peace, respect, balance and helps to resolve conflicts ... read more

Aikido Grading and testing requirements

We offer a interesting curriculum of techniques, weapons and Ki exercises and gradings according to the requirements of Aikikai and H.A.A. ... read more

Aikido: important terms

Important terms used in Aikido: etiquette, movements, techniques, positions, ukemi, reigi, ...  read more.

Hellenic Aikido Aikikai - becoming better persons through the art of Aikido

Aikido as a way to becoming a better person, ... after many years of rich cooperation in Oct. 2017 we joined the Hellenic Aikido Aikikai ... read more

Reigi: show respect in Budo

Musubi - der Weg zum Augenblick

Musubi - der Weg zum Augenblick

Musubi - der Weg zum Augenblick

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