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There are situations that you can avoid.
There are situations in which one has to assert oneself.
There are situations where you have to fight back.



SELF-DEFENSE is hip. There are a variety of courses in which you can learn techniques that can help with attacks. We are also often approached to offer a seminar. You certainly will not go wrong if you learn to break free from attacks and fend off attacks. The only question is whether a few hours of block training for the reality will suffice. Often you only have one chance and you have to sit, especially if an attacker has the element of surprise on his side. The "emergency" requires effective behavioral patterns that can be retrieved from the FF to bring the situation under control. There are a variety of techniques that can be very effective, but can also quickly send others to the hospital with serious injuries and irreversible damage. Which potential victim wants to mutate into a culprit, crushing the larynx, causing eyes to "sting" or spinal damage?

Undoubtedly it is better to avoid dangerous situations from the outset. In SELF-PROTECTION we approach the confrontation temporally and spatially. If you stick to certain rules, you can minimize risks in advance. Also can sensitize his "nose". Once visual contact is made, it becomes exciting, so to speak, the scanning begins. As it is proverbial, one can "smell" fear. Predators tend to seek easy prey in nature. The counterpart to the culprit is the victim. Everyone has an individual radiation to work on. Some factors are attention, posture, running style, "level of presence", gestures and facial expressions. You can learn to actively occupy space and create a natural presence. The closer we get to someone, the more they are put to the test. Within reach, various forms of communication can occur. You may have to master direct eye contact or even a conversation and assert yourself. Ultimately, the potential offender must also decide now whether he strikes or not. Escape behavior could also provoke an attack here.

If it comes to the attack, timing, speed and precision play an important role. In SELF-DEFENSE, we focus on "simple, effective" techniques, the use of feint and deception, the "game" with the attention. Our techniques come from the martial arts Aikido and aim to move even stronger and bigger people by taking "their middle". and not the other "straight to the hospital". How do I free myself from grab handles and how do I apply them? What do I do with fists and punches, knife attacks, ... discover the possibilities.




Then write us or call us! With us there are individual courses that we like to schedule with you. We prefer working in small groups between 4 and 12 people and recommend at least 3 blocks a 1.5h. The minimum age is 16 years (with parents' consent).


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