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Current rules Landkreis Günzburg > https://www.landkreis-guenzburg.de/das-gilt-aktuell-im-landkreis-guenzburg

Current incidences Landkreis Günzburg > https://www.landkreis-guenzburg.de/covid-19/aktuelle-fallzahlen

FAQ https://www.corona-katastrophenschutz.bayern.de/faq/index.php



The training takes place "in accordance with the corona rules" and free of charge in small groups. We ask for your understanding that for incidence values ​​over 35, valid proof of vaccination, recovery or test must be presented before the start of training. Note the exception of schoolchildren. (The test evidence for closed rooms is currently not applicable as soon as the incidence drops below 35.)

From an incidence of more than 35: "Exercising and practicing sports is permitted in the open air with no number of people without a test certificate. Exercising and practicing sports in closed rooms is only permitted with a test certificate." *

Exception for schoolchildren: "Test requirements for schoolchildren: Schoolchildren who are subject to regular tests as part of school attendance are exempt from the test verification requirements. Schoolchildren who refer to this exception must make their requirements credible. This is sufficient in the case of pupils whose school location is in Germany, that they can credibly demonstrate that they are attending school in the respective school year by presenting a current student ID card, a current school attendance confirmation or in some other way, e.g. presenting a student ticket together with an official identification document In enforcement, it is not necessary for the pupils to make credible that they actually tested negative while attending school. " *

*) source: https://www.landkreis-guenzburg.de/das-gilt-aktuell-im-landkreis-guenzburg

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