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Our live is fast and overtuned. We sit a lot of the day, move too little and enjoy our meals. We "inhale" a lot of information every day, in the school, on the computer, with multimedia, ... maybe sometimes too much. The result we can call civilization disease: poor posture, lack of flexibility, inertia, dullness, inner restlessness, imbalance and conflict readiness.

How can we bring back in balance? We can not escape our daily lives and our duties, but we can create space for ourselves. By reducing input, especially multimedia and develop joy in moving our body. Aikido takes a holistic approach. After a few training sessions, you can success in flexibility, attention, coordination, inner peace and open-mindedness - through "friendly" interaction with other people.

Physical aspect: Aikido is admittedly a bit strange at first, because it is unfamiliar. To put it bluntly, how should one move without force? An upright posture, "turn hip", let the rest loose? How should this work? It does! With a little practice, this is really fun! Children learn that they can achieve a lot with natural body tension, flexibility, proper breathing and timing.

Spiritual aspect: The quiet, orderly atmosphere in a dojo goes deep inside. Simple, descriptive meditation, breathing and coordination exercises, new patterns of movement - this all clears your mind. Also, that we don't have to answer violence forcefully to clarify a situation manifests itself in our way of thinking. Open-mindedness, clear senses, respect and confidence in our agile body strengthen our center and allow us to face many situations with much more ease. In order to learn to treat each other respectfully, the Aikikids must adhere to our rules of respect and courtesy, the REISHIKI.

Conflict resolution and self-defense: a peaceful mind does not mean backing down, but moving into a position based on values. Those who set off for the moment do not learn how to be blinded and distracted, they become faster and gain in presence. An upright posture and alert senses communicate presence. Should it nevertheless come to a physical attack, we train in not injuring techniques.

Aikido für Kinder (Aikido for aikikids)

In our Aikido children classes we work on body and mind as well. The aim is to develop attention, inner peace, balance, respect, upright posture, coordination, flexibility and fitness. The kids learn simple self-defense techniques and how to solve conflicts without violence. > read more



CHILDREN: Unfortunately we actually are not able to offer children classes.

TEENAGER who are able to practice with adults are welcome to do a trial training in the grown-up classes by arrangement.


You can start the ongoing training at any time, without obligation and free of charge. Please register in advance.

Aikido sniffing for free!


Aikido is a way of development. We are looking forward to give you feedback about the current status of Your child. We are grateful to any questions or suggestion and also available for You beside the regular parents time.

A special appointment isn’t necessary, just contact the teacher after training, please.

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