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AIKIDOTRAINING (KEIKO): our training is structured in several parts:

  • Kokyo Ryoku and Misogi: meditative breathing exercises, or ki-respiration, to consciously connect the body and mind and to bring them as close as possible to the present moment. Misogi originally is a Shinto purification ceremony. To put it simple words: it's a very deep abdominal breathing (with voice). Best known is probably "Toho Kami Emitame" and "Hei Ho, Hei Za" for "rowboat exercise" Funakogi Undo.
  • Aiki Taiso: highly attentive warm-up exercises to make the body flexible and strong, stretch the fascia, build deep muscles, consciously stimulate the flow of energy, and promote mind-body coordination, balance, ...
  • Ki Waza and Tai No Sabaki: Exercise-tuned breathing to center and expand, to strengthen and not to lose the center, to ground and to totally relax.
  • Aiki Waza: Aikido techniques static, moving and spontaneously fluent (Takemusu).
  • Buki Waza: weapons training with Bokken (wooden sword), Jo (stick) and Tanto (wooden knife). weapon against weapon, unarmed against weapon and katas (forms with sword or stick)
  • Kokyo Dosa: sitting partner exercise to learn to center and extend Ki out of the hara (Tantien).

Aikido may help You

  • to leave everyday life behind, to relax physically and mentally.
  • to discover movement in a new way. Through Aikido You can immerse yourself in the flow of things, learn to find your center and control body tension.
  • to defend yourself.
  • to develop presence.
  • to stay fit until old age. The training promotes development of the deep muscles, a supple connective tissue (fascia) and and an upright relaxed posture.
  • to learn to control the present moment.


Make the best of Your life, in a peaceful manner!


AIKIDO is a very exciting and relaxing way, as well. In Keiko, we start with mental and physical relaxation exercises to increase our presence. By sharpening those and natural attention, we become more sensitive and intuitive. The feeling for our natural self, our center and the flow of interaction develops and goes deeper. The more relaxed You are, the easier it is, to bring body and mind into the present moment, to find the right timing and to increase responsiveness. After just a few hours there should be achievement of a noticeable improvement. As an adult, you can get into ongoing training at any age, without fear of embarrassing yourself. For advanced aikidokas it is a pleasure to pass on their skills and experience and to learn from others.

Aikido sniffing is totally for free, it's ot binding. Just come by in comfortable clothes (T-shirt + long sweatpants).

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 In individual lessons and exclusive courses for companies and small private groups, we can deal intensively with special topics.

Aikido has many "building blocks" that can transform daily life from the ground up. Physical fitness and mobility, inner peace, resilience, strength, overcoming fears, behavior in dangerous situations, resolution of conflicts before they arise, techniques to "defend" physical assaults, development of natural presence, reduction of illusions, and much more. 

Aikido has the potential to change your life forever.

Sounds interesting? Just ask!

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