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Aikido Zen Mind: on the path to truth and natural power

AIKI: on the path to truth and natural power

The longer You practice Aikido the more You realize reality. The way of Aiki is spiritual development, to get rid of illusions. There is no past and no future, just this present moment. There is a mind, a conciousness, awareness, but no space for subjective thoughts. And there is natural harmony in the present eternity. Aiki connects us to the truth and guides us to our self, the individual expression of nature. It animates us to discover our mission and to create peace through our manifestation in this world. It strengthens us by getting rid of egoistic causality and blindings, which weaken or block our ability to connect to this amazing universal source of energy. It anchors our soul by the virtues of budo. It enables us to control violence with love. For me this feel like real life, with every breath I take. I want to thank all, who supported me on this way, especially my old friend and Aikido spark Dimitri Farmakidis Sensei and of course my Sensei George Koliopoulos for this precious gift. And the best in the end: as long as we live, we are still beginners. Let's look forward, although there is no future, if we are here and now 😀.


There are many quotes about peace. One of them is "peace inside, peace outside". There is one big trap in it: the ego. Buddha once said: "we are what we think, with our thoughts we create our world". Inner peace often is a lie, because it's just a picture of a subjective mind. True peace is a part of the truth. But how to get there? It's very easy - walk the WAY OF REFLECTION!

At first we have to free our self from the ego. Recognise, that You are not Your mind by watching Your thoughts. They are created by a lot of information from Your past and the present moment You are in. Our mind tries to figure out, what's coming by comparing and creating future reality. Accept, that You are just a very small part of a big causality. Use Your mind in a smart way - observe Your ego, Your body, surroundings, ... and don't think about them, don't put values on them.

THE TRUTH IS LIKE IT IS, there is no good or bad - this is created inside. Meditation means not to get rid of thoughts, it means that You're able to control them and not vice versa. Enjoy Your new state of mind and walk on. After a while Your self becomes clearer and a strong warm feeling comes up from deep inside. That's Your HEART, it's full of love, the SOURCE OF PEACE. Watch at it, how it bubbles and wants to stream out. Cut down the borders and fences and watch again - at other people. Keep always this personal state, also in difficult situations. Unreflecting people are slaves of their unsatisfied ego, manipulated by information. Let them know about this and tell them about the truth and how they can find peace.

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