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  • MUSUBIKAN - reinforce Your body and mind

 Our Shihan

... Georgios Koliopoulos Sensei, with over 44 years of aikido experience, teacher of 2nd generation after O 'Sensei, the founder. His Aikido is unique in a way. As a student of Fumio Toyoda Shihan and Master Koichi Tohei he is able to teach a strong center based Aikido full of Ki. "Back to the roots", "Cut the crap", "Keep it simple", "Body Mind Connection" - fascinating aikido, that works. His Philosophy "Aikido as a way to become a better person!" has shaped us deeply. As Head of Hellenic Aikido Aikikai, he has set up a tough and uniquely extensive program of KI-practice, techniques and weapons that keeps challenging us on our way. After successful completion of all Kyu exams with us the way to the Aikikai Dan Gradings is open.