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Aikido for me is ...

... the path to our real existence and back to life. "Connection of body and mind in the present moment to express natural love through your self". It learns to control and understand our mind, ego and self, because we immediatly get a feedback on our presence and any interaction. Also it teaches the budo virtues like rectitude, courage, benevolence, politeness, sincerity, honour, loyality and forms our character. It develops awareness and  mindfulness and opens our spirit and heart. It explains physics and helps us in the process of unifying in the here and now. It shows us how to build a center, to be able to "play" with time and energy. It puts our ego into a humble, reflecting position by experiencing the fascinating lightness and strength of natural power. It helps to be natural in presence and in creating strong, dynamic body. Last but not least through aikido we can find our mission in this life by discovering our self.

My way to aikido ...

... was a fascinating miracle. There was something, that forced me again and again to start the art of peace. So many coincidences! The short story is that I travelled all over europe with my motorcycle for many years and I met one person at different places year after year. Once this person told me that he has started aikido. I asked him, if he has openend a sushi restaurant or sth. else ;), I don't remember exactly. He forced me to check it out and made me curious about this martial art. It was really hard in the beginning, like it is today, a everlasting challenge. It's only 4 things: body, mind, time and get rid of this damned egoistic illusion by connection. After more than 13 years of practice I want thank especially my old friend Dimitris Farmakidis Sensei for ignition, my Sensei Sepp Daam from Ulm, how has developed my skills out from nothing, Björn Eirik Olsen Shihan, who impresses me every time we meet, all others who were, are and will be on my way and of course my Shihan Georgios Koliopoulos Sensei and the whole Hellenic Aikido Aikikai.

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