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After many years of rich cooperation we have joined the HELLENIC AIKIDO AIKIKAI in October 2017. We are not only sharing the same philosophy "to become a better person through Aikido", we also have found a great person and Shihan in George Koliopoulos Sensei (6th Dan Aikikai), who supports us with all his strength and ability.


Hellenic Aikido AikikaiOne can not be a better person, one only can become: Who thinks to be, stops becoming! We all go our personal way of life and repeatedly come into challenging situations, which demand a lot from us. They give us the choice to grow or surrender. It is easier to respond by force than to adopt a peaceful position and to keep it. With Aikido, O'Sensei gave us a "manual" to do just that. His vision was a world without skirmishes and wars. A conflict arises when we engage with our counterpart and answer his aggression in the same way. Is it smart to fuel the negative by involving ourselves? The consequence of conflicts is misery, injury, suffering and distress. Isn't it better to fuel the positive in us and around us, to generate harmony? In Aikido, we not only practice to gain physical strength and agility, also we practice to keep a clear mind in "sticky" situations. Our ego uses our traits and experiences to generate recommendations for actions. This may cause danger, because we anticipate the future in a very subjective way. A stable center gives us strength, self-confidence and anchors us right now. Now we are able to to take the right position and create space for situational action. Inner peace is the base of attention and natural presence, which develops us to become better persons.

The Head of the Hellenic Aikido Aikikai, George Koliopoulos Sensei, has an impressing C. V.: over 43 years in Aikido! He has been starting in the 70ies in Chicago, as student of Toyoda Sensei and Master Tohei. What a treasure, to have him with us, with all his knowledge and abilities! We are very happy and lucky, to be with him several times a year and ... Sensei George, we all hope You will live long and prosper, to get enough opportunities to express our gratitude and respect.


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