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  • MUSUBIKAN - reinforce Your body and mind

ZEN is the art of being. There is no time in Zen, only the present moment. We live in the illusion of a temporal sequence, of a period, for example of our life. Of course, we can remember and plan our future, but we only exist here and now. We are looking back now and now forward. Our brain stores and generates memories and emotions. Evaluates and in turn generates expectations. All of that is pretty subjective. Buddha once said, "We are what we think and with our thoughts we create our world. Is there existence without thinking or not? I think, so am I or I am because I think? Can one be without thinking? What is thinking? What is consciousness? We need cognitive processes to be, but we do not need a subjective rating system. We can draw from memories, but we must not apply them without reflection. Every moment is unique. The moment is eternity. Conscious thinking removes us from the here and now. Not to think simply means not to elicit. Despite all this, we are subconsciously spiritually active and open ourselves to the inspiration, the superconscious. Now wehave spare capacity to intuitively do the right thing. It is also said that the first thought is the right one. Why? Because it enters our consciousness unrated. Everything that follows is subjectively "burdened."

Learning to forget means creating free capacities for being. In fact, we do not forget, we just do not think  over. For this we have to free ourselves from our own prison. There is no reason for fear or bad mood. We are the result of our ego. We are free at any moment to make a total change, to free ourselves from years of accumulated garbage and to start a new life. If only there was not the convenience and clinging.

Zen means not standing in the way of oneself anymore, not giving oneself more illusions, letting go and being. A relaxed mind relaxes the body. When we relax as a whole, we create relaxation around us. Now we are able to be natural as we actually are.

In Aikido we use this state "Musubi" to get into Takemusu. One at a time, as a center, in flow with unbridled natural energy that can spontaneously unfold.